Corporate Governance


At Acentria group, we remain committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics. Good corporate governance practices are essential to the delivery of long term and sustainable stakeholder and shareholder value.

Acentria Group is a proud and responsible corporate organisation founded on an ethical, accountable and respectful culture in all our business operations and relationships with internal and external stakeholders – including our staff, clients, partners, communities and regulatory authorities. We are committed to complying with the rule of law in all countries with which we are associated or do business.

All our operations, Boards of Directors, staff and partners are bound by a commitment to our Code of Business Conduct. At Acentria, an unwavering ethical culture and practices are the foundation for building sustainable shareholder value.

Acentria Group continues to adhere to its obligations as a registered private company ans adheres to regulations as set by the Insurance Authority of Kenya and the ethical standards prescribed in the Company Code of Conduct. In addition, Acentria Group abides by the tenets of the Constitution of Kenya and all other laws as a law-abiding corporate citizen.

We believe that good corporate governance is critical, not only at the corporate level but also at the national level. We require our partners to adhere to the highest level of integrity and business ethics in their dealings with us or with other entities.

We constantly aim to achieve high levels of corporate governance by focusing on the following areas:

  • Focusing on compliance with all relevant laws and upholding the highest
  • Continuing to implement our strategy for the long-term prosperity of the business
  • Ensuring execution of strong audit procedures, audit independence and continuously enforcing strong internationally recognised accounting principles
  • Focus on clearly defined board and management duties and responsibilities
  • Ensuring director competencies through induction for new directors and on-going trainings for all directors
  • Financial reporting to our shareholders and other stakeholders for a clear understanding of our business operations and performance

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