Reisurance Broking


  • Treaty- Treaty Reviews- We will offer, free of charge, a basic Treaty review service to our potential clients and partners, in a view of providing them with an independent opinion of their current treaty structure.
  • Treaty Structuring- Based on a more in-depth analysis and the treaty review mentioned above, we propose various treaty structures, to ensure that we align the treaty structure in a way that supports the strategic objectives of our clients.
  • Treaty Placement-Based on the structuring and recommendation to our clients, once a consensus reached on the treaty programme, we approach a number of potential leaders (approved by client) and negotiate terms to be as close as possible to our initial estimates.
  • Facultative Placements-We place all types of facultative businesses into the various reinsurance markets from around the world on either a proportional or non-proportional basis. We are very strong on all conventional lines of business like Property, Engineering and Liability and have over the years built up expertise around several niche products

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