About Acentria


Acentria Group of companies comprise of Acentria Insurance Brokers, Acentria Reinsurance Brokers, Acentria Actuarial and financial services and Acentria Investments company limited.

We are a trusted African Consultants advisors that empowers, innovates and steer Growth and Prosperity in Risk and Insurance, Reinsurance, Actuarial, and investments Advisory Through a comprehensive suite of service offerings by delivering the best solutions today.

As a Group, we are wholly and exclusively engaged in supporting our clients and partners in building and maintaining robust structures in Risk and Insurance, Reinsurance, Actuarial, and investments. The value we create is driven through by the personal determination of our highly motivated and skilled staff

At Acentria we strive with dedication to determine the needs of our Clients and excels in providing the Right Solutions to meet the client’s expectations and attain the critical success factors in respect of delivering superior Quality solutions today.,

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a service built on expertise, responsiveness to clients’ needs and credibility in our business. The main objective of the company is to Empower, Innovate and steer growth and prosperity. We aspire to use our services to transform lives and contribute to prosperity throughout Africa.

“Our purpose is to remain at the forefront of innovative thinking and in doing so continuously add value to our clients & our communities in an ever-changing global environment”

“We stimulate positive changes with creative and innovate ideas and solutions that strives to empower, nurture growth and prosperity”

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